Website Law

Written by an attorney, this is the indispensable resource for every website owner and blogger, explaining what you need to know about copyright, trademark, defamation, privacy and publicity rights, pornography, licensing, and more.

“Fair use” and the “public domain” are concepts with which everyone who uses the Internet needs to be familiar. This book provides detailed, accurate information about both. It also explains how you can use the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and the Communications Decency Act to protect yourself from liability for user-provided content.

The concluding chapters explain how to license music, images, software and other kinds of content for use on your website. Detailed information to help you determine what kind(s) of license you will need, and whether and how much you will have to pay  as a royalty, is included.

Complete with forms, resource directory, bibliography, and quick-reference charts to help you navigate the hazardous waters of Internet law.

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